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If you're unfamiliar with Boston, there's a road along the Charles river known for having several low bridges going over it. People seem to have a lot of problems with it when driving tall trucks, especially movers driving U-Hauls.

I made this website because I thought it was funny. It works by searching for news articles with certain keywords on Google on each day. This only works well if the incidents are reported on on news sites/etc, but there are false-positives (which you can report!). There's also a way to request incident data directly from MassDOT, but that's a lot more work to pull data from and I'm not sure how quickly it's updated so I'll leave that to someone more dedicated to work on. A common type of false positive that shows up with this is when a news site publishes an article about Storrow in general rather than a specific event, so feel free to report those if you want.


There were so many incidents in August 2021 that news sites stopped reporting on it, so there's some missing data here.

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